Who Benefits From This Class?

  • Salon Owners

  • Stylist Who Are Overworked and Underpaid

  • Stylists Who Want An Abundant Life

  • Salon Owners Stylist Who Are Overworked and Underpaid Stylists Who Want An Abundant Life Stylist Who Want Freedom

Success doesn't have to be complicated, confusing, or drawn out…and neither should the tools you rely on to help you get what you want! 

It is simple, straight-forward, and to the point. 

Most of the time you spend on this course will not be reading my words, but rather implementing them in your life through exercise, practices, and meditations. 

I can't change your life…but YOU can (and you will)!

What if you could...

Lose that weight

Marry the man of your dreams

Pay off your mortgage

Cross items off your 'bucket list'

Know exactly what you want, and how to get it

Achieve extraordinary success

I was "Sick and Tired of being sick and tired". I knew I wanted more for my life than working 12 -14 hour days, not being able to spend quality time with my daughter, not taking vacations... I was tired of working hard, not smart.

I asked myself what my purpose in life was, what do I truly loved and had a passion for. I started visualizing what I wanted in my life. Started with the "END IN MIND". In other words, I put the suit on as if it was 2018. I came from my goal not toward my goal.

I didn't focus on what I didn't want anymore, I only focus on what I wanted. I could feel it, taste it and see it. I created a vision statement, very detailed, of what I wanted my life to be, then I created a vision board. I cut pictures and words from magazines and pasted them on a poster board - a vision of what I wanted for my life. I read my vision statement twice a day and gazed at my vision board. This really made a huge difference in my life, but to really top it off I created a GRATITUDE Journal. This is where I wrote 3 to 5 things I was grateful for, and within a few weeks so many things started to improve in my life.

I was so excited I then created a list of my favorite affirmations, and posted them everywhere in my home, on the walls on the mirrors, in my car, and I would recite them daily, as well as setting the same time every day to declare and speak what I wanted for my life. I started noticing what I was noticing. I changed my words that I spoke. I started to change the way I saw things. I reprogrammed my mind from my old way of thinking (that was taught to me from childhood). For example my dad would always say he had so much money, it was like "Money grows on trees" which was not true. As a child I also learned that you have to work hard in order to have abundance. This is all I heard growing up. So that's were I developed that long work hour schedule from. Reprogramming my mindset was huge, but there was one small problem. I wanted success overnight!

I had no PATIENCE. I had to learn that prospering is power in patience. I had to learn that Rome wasn't build in a day. I started to relax and not be attached to the outcome. It helped me to realize that when you work out of desperation, you run off the good that is awaiting you. I always worked for what I wanted but I didn't have patience. What I learned is when you want it really BAD you will wait for it. This is when the transformation in my life started. This helped me to go from earning $1500 per week to earning $1500 to $3500 per client, and then becoming an author, coach, educator, and mentor.

During this 2 Day Intensive Workshop, you will:

  • Learn How To Design Custom Pieces For Thinning Hair

  • How To Choose Attachments

  • How To Do A Consultation

  • How To Close The Sale

  • How To Texturize the Cut

  • How To Start Making Money Right Away

Stylist "What to bring to the Class"

Supply List:

 Water Bottle 

Thinning Shears 44/20 Shears


1 Razor 

1 Molding Comb 

1 Rattail Comb

 1 Vent Brush 

1 Shampoo Cape

 1 Styling Cape

Course curriculum

  • 1
    2 Days Rags To Riches Survey
    • Workshop Completion Survey

Pricing options

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